Comwords –A team with more than 20 years of experience for competent language training and translations.

For more than 20 years we have been connecting people in Germany and abroad through intercultural competence and language training as well as translation services. Our service is committed, efficient and comprehensive, for topics of language training, translations & interpreting services, as well as within the general framework of foreign language support. Personal contact with our customers is of the uppermost importance to us, which is why our focus is on detailed advice for your individual needs and wishes and thereby, offering you the best possible support.


Apart from the obvious language training, special intercultural aspects, insights into the typical behaviors of the target language, as well as mutual understanding and communication form the basis of our foreign language support with international clients and guests. These same principles apply to our translation services. Contact us and we will gladly provide you with detailed information!


Foreign languages are more than only words to us. How can we support you?

A strong team for your requirements

Our employees have a wide range of personal experience and training in managing intercultural situations in order to convey languages and cultural aspects both professionally and realistically.


Our service includes training and translations in the fields of technology, automotive engineering, accounting ,contract management, tourism and office organization and more. We also offer consulting and training on cultural aspects and conditions in other countries. In doing so, we place particular importance upon learning the appropriate communication behavior in order to build intercultural competence among the participants.


Foreign languages are far more than just words for us.


Please contact us directly if you require support in these areas.